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D.A. Collinsworth's Fishbowl Theory

D.A. Collinsworth
D.A. Collinsworth D.A. Collinsworth
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by: David Collinsworth
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Publication Date: May 29, 2012
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 66
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781620301258

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Book Synopsis
D.A. Collinsworth’s Fishbowl Theory (Part 1) is a simple book that engages some of the complexities of questions of our world today. Fishbowl Theory is a story about a little fish looking for the meaning of life in the fishbowl, ...looking for that meaning through Educational, Scientific, Political, Religious and Pop Culture points of view. Travel with the Little Goldfish as she looks for the MEANING Of LIFE in our Fishbowl. –D.A. Collinsworth

D.A. Collinsworth’s Fishbowl Theory:
An inanimate object cannot create an animated object.
No more can an inanimate Fishbowl create animated Fish without first having outside influences, than can an inanimate Universe (or a void) create animated Life without first having outside influences also.
I believe it is impossible for life to have emerged spontaneously from within an inanimate lifeless void (like our own Universe) without first having outside influences (external in nature to the inanimate space within) that would initiate the process of bringing life into existence. A process that would lead from the design and initiation, to the structure and regulation and ultimately to the sustainability of life itself.
Thus, I propose that in order for life to have existed in our Universe, it must have had outside influences for that life to have been initiated and generated in our Universe (or our fishbowl).
Copyrighted 2012 © by David Allen Collinsworth.
Customer Comments
Posted: June 2, 2012
Customer comment 5 star rating
I Love this book! Simply Complex and Thought Provoking.
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