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Cavallo 7 - Imagine Horse & Rider Training

Cavallo 7 - Imagine Horse & Rider Training cover image
Cavallo 7 - Imagine Horse & Rider Training cover image Cavallo 7 - Imagine Horse & Rider Training cover image Cavallo 7 - Imagine Horse & Rider Training cover image
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by: Charmaine Cacciola
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Publication Date: May 12, 2014
Book Size: 8.27" x 11.69"
Pages: 196
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781633180390

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Book Synopsis
My name is Charmaine-maire Ivy Cacciola born on the 7th day of August 1980.
I am a normal young woman and have the heart of a thousand souls; I was raised by my loving parents, who never gave up on me. These two people I believe I owe my life to, I was once a lost soul, unsure of my purpose in life. Would I ever fir into the world somewhere, somehow?
I have always had an intimate connection with the world, the trees, sky, stars clouds, ground. The way the wind blows soft a cool on a nice warm minute. I was always involved with animals, catching mice as a child, playing with frogs, catching fish in the rivers and never once did I ask myself what drew towards them. It is a natural part of me, I need to have animals in my life, from fish to birds, cats, dogs, chickens, sheep, horses, sharks, and you name it I have owned something strange and wonderful in my life.
With this love also came another side of me and I did not like, as they say there is always a light side and a dark side. There are times in my life I can never UN do, times I will never forget the pain it caused me.
It’s through these UN resolved feelings that I became distant from the things that made me truly happy. But with success, comes loss and this is the way the world has revolved since the day of the first dawn. This is where my journey of an understanding happened. I was no longer feeling happy with my animals and seemed to with draw from their love and companionship.
I remember the day stopped everything I was doing with one of my horses and just cried for ages, holding them. I had to ask myself, WHY?
Why do I feel this way, how do I let other things or people in my life affect me. A better way to put it is to invade my life. Not standing up for my beliefs, not allowing people to love the person, I could be come.
It finally struck me, perhaps the love and happiness I seek, is not in the shape of a man!
Love and fulfilment take many forms and until we can decipher which ones we need most in our life, does it all make sense.

My purpose in my life is to become the best trainer I can be!
The best rider I can be, the best Coach I can be!

Customer Comments
Posted: May 28, 2014
Customer comment 5 star rating
This book is great for information and like the insights into the horses mind and their way of thinking, i hope another good books comes from this author.
About The Author
I have been around horses all my life. Horse riding and Horse Training has been a life journey for me and I want to share me thoughts and experiences with horse lovers like my self. Horses deserve to have great communication with their handlers. This book is a reference tool and a guide for answers we all look for, when training.
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