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Broken Trusts - Tarnished Silver

Broken Trusts - Tarnished Silver cover image
Broken Trusts - Tarnished Silver cover image Broken Trusts - Tarnished Silver cover image Broken Trusts - Tarnished Silver cover image
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by: Rann Kirkpatrick
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Publication Date: March 14, 2019
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 140
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781645501053

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Book Synopsis
Author's Preface
by Rann Kirkpatrick

This 'Author's Preface' is for a two-volume novel,written from Zoé Journal of Days. This introduction eludes events for the narrative in both books of the set. One must have the first book and sequel to understand and complete the story. The first book,'Broken Trusts' is a fiction novel based on a real love story with a focus point written from actual events. Many betrayals of trust unfold. The chaotic end of a quarter-of-a-century marriage sets the stage. Trust is at the core of every human relationship,in fact everything in life revolves around trust. Betrayal is everywhere in our society and world at large. Overcoming the devastation caused from betrayal, is often a lifetime effort. Learning not to be gullible,falling into traps set for the unsuspecting is a survival must. Megan Hanson is a woman in her early forties,who will not only survive but thrive. Readers will cheer her courage and tenacity. Unveiling Familiar the 2nd book follow.
Customer Comments
Ruth A. (Rann) Kirkpatrick
Posted: March 14, 2019
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At 76, Rann Kirkpatrick is living life as any aged person, with memories and skills learned from trial and error in life. The tool of 20/20 hindsight is marvelous. It reveals all the flaws of our lives. Those are the tools this set of books used to bring insight to others lives. We all need direction in a world of so many pitfalls.

Megan, the character is all about helping others avoid tragic mistakes in relationships. How she learned was not fun, but now it is a novel of intrigue and mystery, fun and sorrow. The end is the goal. Live, enjoy the breath you have and try to not make the same mistakes twice. Courage to face truth in our own lives as well as others is another tool we all need help with; as you read this set of books, you will understand. Broken Trusts, Tarnished Silver is the first novel. Unveiling Familiar's, The Unveiling is the 2nd and will soon be published so the set is complete. Rann as author, is Ruth A. Kirkpatrick. Enjoy!