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Ben The Betta

Ben The Betta  cover image
Ben The Betta  cover image Ben The Betta  cover image Ben The Betta  cover image
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by: Cynthia Tosh
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Publication Date: October 17, 2018
Book Size: 8.25" x 6"
Pages: 48
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color
ISBN: 9781732369122

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Book Synopsis
It was a peaceful summer day. . . with so many reasons for happiness. But, all the other Betta’s just kept wanting to brawl in their rice patties! Even though Ben’s a Betta too, and being territorial is common among his species, he had no interest in this. He knew he was different.

Ben the Betta is about listening to your heart and finding friends in unexpected places. Never judge a book by it’s cover. There are different forms of animal communication and species behavior. Biodiversity is important to help promote on land AND water.

Entertaining. Educational. Engaging. Ben the Betta is a fun, heartwarming story and platform to learn about fundamental relationship dynamics and promote earth science conservation efforts. Let's go!!

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About The Author
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Cynthia Tosh was born in Wichita, Kansas. She loves inspiring children, preteens, and adolescents and believes they are the gatekeepers to the future. For over a decade she has enjoyed the opportunity and privilege to interact with these age groups on many levels inside multiple settings including: private/homeschool and public education, bereavement, and being a parent herself. She is an environmental conservation advocate and believes studying earth science increases self-awareness and life satisfaction.
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