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Become the Best

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Become the Best cover image Become the Best cover image Become the Best cover image
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by: David Fullen
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Publication Date: November 9, 2019
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 515
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781684116539

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Book Synopsis
This book is for anyone who sincerely wants to get ahead in life. Think about the world we face daily; it is rife with corruption, spurious people, a national media feeding us false information, celebrities try to convince us they are authentic people and politicians who are endangering the future of their country to satisfy their greed. We now live in an environment where you must always anticipate the unexpected.
Today we see many people who lack the strength of character. It is not that they are stupid or do not know the difference between right and wrong; they do not have the intensity of conviction to address the correct choice. This lack of character strength could be related to deep-seated insecurity associated with the economy, fear of failure, or the act of being exposed by taking a position. Too many people fear being singled out.
When working with people, it is a good idea to remember that you can control their behavior by influence, but you cannot change them. Understanding people and their nature provide you enough clues on how to work with them. We have choices, and when we consciously realize the difference in personalities, we can prevent conflict from developing.
When you encounter people, it is a good practice to listen with caution and not accept anything at face value. Today, we live in a culture where moral standards are so relaxed that people focus on the search for wealth, power, and fame. It is a time, for many, where their expectations are for immediate gratification. People want things immediately and are willing to take shortcuts to realize their wishes. The prevailing attitude that many people have is the truth is the problem because it does not always fulfill their objectives, advance their careers, or keep them out of trouble.
It would be best if you had confidence in you, which is a necessary element for people intending to be successful. In this keyed up world, you will often be challenged to address a variety of concerns. When you are facing these provocations, your confidence level must be unwavering. You must be able to show that you can handle any contingency, including leaving your area of security.
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