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Asè Versus Reality

Asè Versus Reality cover image
Asè Versus Reality cover image Asè Versus Reality cover image Asè Versus Reality cover image
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by: Jacqueline Buchanan-Taylor
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Publication Date: September 6, 2017
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 138
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781947778764

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Book Synopsis
At one point I felt becoming the following, was impossible: A life coach by default,
A SURVIVOR, A Soldier Medic, An Army Health Care Professional, Author, Poet, Artist ( Musician , Composer, Producer, Lyricist ), Meditation Coach, and more.
“ If I took away the individual titles of each profession would I feel less knowledgable of the specific areas? ” Is the question that would began my inner monologue. “Would my appreciation for the arts diminish in the presence of procrastination?” As I pondered, while reaching for my pen, I realized I was in fear of taking more flowers with me in death than necessary. Am I not proficient in multi-tasking my way to my best life existence, via potential I present the poetic collection: ““ Asè Versus Reality !”
I AM Honored to invite all of humanity to share the adventures of my life journey thus far. For lessons allow the necessary growth to transform adversity into an adventurous testimony.
Asè Versus Reality presents A point of view on how lessons can light the way, to A forefront of global awareness. By way of understanding inevitable lessons comes the voice to embark on such A journey, exemplifying The Poem Pushers’ effort for world peace. Supported by the law of attraction, and the wisdom in healing, through positive reaction. “ I The Poem Pusher would like to extend the invitation . I present “ Asè Versus Reality ” “ When you get to know a person you are introduced to a new part of you . “
-The Poem Pusher AUTHOR
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