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An Eye In Shadows

An Eye In Shadows cover image
An Eye In Shadows cover image An Eye In Shadows cover image An Eye In Shadows cover image
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by: Nickolaus Albert Pacione
Books with a 3 star rating  (10)
Publication Date: November 4, 2015
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 198
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781682731086

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Book Synopsis
The industry didn't want this published and they're afraid of this because I raised questions. This would be the expanded and revised edition as it has a new ISBN -- I like the publish now, ISBN later. I got an in-house ISBN for this. Being the third book I wrote and published; designed it all.

My publishers in '06 got bullied throughout 2007. The anthology publishers who published me got punished too as I saw death threats for publishing Issue 10 of my magazine (Issue Five and Ten are back.) Warning: *Contains raw language and instant mindscrew factor.* The House of Pain Second in Command. The book stemmed the anthology Nickolaus Albert Pacione Delivers: A Library Of Unknown Horrors and brought the second namesake back along with The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five. This voices Sophie Lancaster's murder in the 2008 form.

The ISBN had been changed out and this had the book written in school years and one bonus story from my college years. Revised for historic accuracy, fact checked.
Customer Comments
Ivana Dooya
Posted: November 6, 2015
Customer comment 0 star rating
This "book" has it's hilarious moments, like when the author gets shoved in a school bus and his butt breaks the window, or when he gets an atomic wedgie so intense it ruins his underwear and permanently damages his genitals, or when he gets his face smashed into a locker, but those entertaining moments are rare.

Otherwise it's a jumbled mess. You learn how the author was constantly picked on for his small stature and sexual orientation (gay) but it's littered with spelling and grammar errors. When he tells you he rode the short bus you believe him but this does not make him enduring in the readers' eyes.
Marc Lyth
Posted: November 6, 2015
Customer comment 3 star rating
A memoir of a young repressed homosexual and the treatment he received in high school and later life. The self-loathing the central character feels for himself is strikingly displayed in an ambitious gambit by the writer. Making a narrator this dislikable can be a real turn off to the readership. However, the writer's depiction of a mentally subnormal functionally illiterate imbecile is so accurate you'd think the author himself was a mentally subnormal functionally illiterate imbecile. This is a book where the subtext speaks volumes more than the text, the narrators homophobia clearly masking a gay man just aching to come screaming out of the closet but unable to because of the peer pressure from his schoolmates.

A must read although the writing style takes some getting used to. If you like some semblance of normal grammar or sentence construction, or spelling, maybe you should avoid this.
Nickolaus Pacione
Posted: November 7, 2015
Customer comment 5 star rating
You realize I didn't grow up in Morris right; I am from Glendale Height/Carol Stream originally. I listen to thrash and doom metal so you want to cover for a plagiarist like Robert Baupader that's your Berlin wall not mine.

Sit down and read this book with both namesakes handy as Brian Keene became driven to turn me unpublished when I caught him with my XXX-XX-XXXX as he created an e-mail account of as he was giving my XXX-XX-XXXX to his so called actors. If Keene is willing to go after my SSN how willing is he to make a fake card as he can't exactly fake my signature.

Tell me have you noticed anything with two urls are gone as they went hasta la bye-bye. The fact is you went around impersonating me and stealing my photos. Don't you think I will say something about that. fuck you Lyth -- your knowledge of homoerotic books and children's books is just unnerving *shudder*. What kind of warrior you claim to be, with your knowledge of those books I don't want to know and can't repeat the term here as it's too graphic.
Nickolaus Pacione
Posted: November 9, 2015
Customer comment 4 star rating
Now I got you swearing at me and disrespecting my adoptive hometown -- Joliet is the 4th largest city in Illinois now and heavy metal bands (thrash metal and extreme metal) make it a destination for venues over the years. Revocation played here as a few acts have their origins here I was in Joliet every other week at times when I had my P. O. Box up there so you want to swear at me knowing I told the truth and called you out.

Normally I wouldn't respond to reviews but when I see reviews that libel me then pull their pants down on the area I grew up. And two -- I am not or ever will be a homosexual so if you sat down and really read this book you'd know that instead of being a faceless plagiarizing parasitic worm. I have found the photos from when I was in the U.K. and was on the H.M.S. Bounty.

The fact you're willing to enable my work to be stolen. I can't be silent about that as a few others are getting ready to speak out against you and a few others. See the e-mail I made public of Lyths as he was using wording just like yours; and this is enough to really send him and Brian Keene up the river for invasion of privacy. You want to degrade those who have disability on my watch?

I also want to point out I had traveled to New Orleans, Baltimore, and Canada all within two-three years within being stabbed -- I made that happen all before I became published. Think about that before you go around saying I did "nothing" with my life as I can teach those who work at Goodwill how to operate with an out like this one as is not the only venue or and are the only gigs. Just as Lyth got me ejected look what the cat had shat out. as his TOC mate stole my work Lake Fossil -- as you will see Tabloid Purposes arriving too here soon enough as well as Tabloid Purposes 3 and IV and Book Five. Lyth I suggest you run for cover as it's women and cowards first. That cover is not a moose and you're not Porras either the man who invented this place is a best selling author from the 1990s and an illustrator; he's an Israeli national and historian on espionage. I read up on him and does some very creative artwork too. The guy is around Ramsey Campbell's age and not even Ramsey Campbell opens doors for writers who don't kiss his ass.

Keene you committed Identity Theft and multiple counts. I was published in small press magazines too as this was one of them. You will be rotting in a cell soon enough and Mark Twain self-published so did Charles Dickens think about what they shelled out to get their books published.
Posted: November 10, 2015
Customer comment 1 star rating
As far as a makeup tutorial goes, this leaves much to be desired. However, the side stories about being thrown into a school bus, stuffed into a basketball hoop, tossed around like a football, and being grounded with no television are side-splittingly funny.
Nickolaus Pacione
Posted: December 6, 2015
Customer comment 5 star rating
I am with Ingram Spark that means Lake Fossil Press is registered and has EIN meaning I have a sole ownership of Lake Fossil Press and can operate to get a grant to take this a lot further; this place sends internationally and the man who does the ISBNs well he worked on the Universal Solder franchise little you know as I doubt your Porras but you're getting him in deeper trouble writing as him. You should give the guys who created this place a little more respect.
Nickolaus Pacione
Posted: December 10, 2015
Customer comment 5 star rating

Tell me I didn't just see you admit to breaking out of prison Porras; oh man that's not good as you're never getting out anyway. Yeah that's right you admitted to a crime right there as Brian Keene admitted to going and enabling my work to be stolen as Creeger reinstated serial plagiarist David Boyer. She's famous for being famous never written a story or a book telling those who wrote books what to do.

Lake Fossil Press is registered now with me as I have the EIN to prove it. That means I proved your sorry ass to be a liar as you're lying about bugchaser stealing my work as he stole Insect and The Statue; how would he even know those titles if he hasn't even read them.

I mean the shit is doing misleading titles purposely. The Statue is mine and so is INSECT as Christine Morgan is a fandom wank who wrote 99 fan fiction stories who might be in a lot of shit with Disney because Star Wars is their property now. I have my birth papers to show I am legit so I wasn't in Williamsburg for a little more than 23 years man so think again. Maybe if you jokers sat down and spent your hard earned money on this book and look into Normal Life the movie then grab the namesakes -- you haven't learned something unless you lost something. So your crusades to end my career is nothing but madness.

If I was delicate I wouldn't have lasted in Cabrini Green when I was 19 years old, daffodil, the final two years when that notorious project was in operation. I chased down a mugger and almost choked him out in a rear naked choke. Come on you think you can be a coward and use my characters names as a way to harass me what's wrong with you? You want to be an ass go to or so you can go at length and pick a different name than my company name on twitter or my titles on or Do you advocate plagiarism by Robert L. Baupader since you're being bed buddies with him.
Nickolaus Pacione
Posted: April 13, 2016
Customer comment 0 star rating
What's wrong with you that was an esophageal stricture you're making fun of.
David Gallagher
Posted: September 30, 2016
Customer comment 1 star rating
Legendary horror writer Ray Garton once described Nickolaus Pacione's writing as "a collection of toxic sentences." This is a perfect description. An Eye in Shadows is a mangled mess of a story where the author does nothing but whine like a child about his wretched high school days. The only thing this laughable attempt at autobiography does is highlight the author's extreme immaturity and total lack of talent for the written word.
Nickolaus Pacione
Posted: December 2, 2016
Customer comment 0 star rating
Fuck Ray Garton as he gets paid to write fanfiction for Buffy the Vampire Slayer as I took a shit on him in this book as he's the immature childless shit who would never have a kid. I doubt he would say anything nice about me period as his best years are behind him and hasn't written anything since Scissors and that sucked.
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