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All By My Lonely-THE ORGANIZATION part one

All By My Lonely-THE ORGANIZATION part one cover image
All By My Lonely-THE ORGANIZATION part one cover image
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by: Author Black Coffee
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Publication Date: January 10, 2014
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 364
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9780984470129

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Book Synopsis
All By My Lonely invites you into the life of Lovely Walker Blake, raised as Baby Girl. She is the adopted daughter of Donnie “The Don” Morales, a wealthy multi-corporate tycoon and the boss of “The Organization.”
From the cradle, he trained Baby Girl and groomed her to someday, run his multifaceted conglomerate. Their family is huge in politics in the southern region of Louisiana. They also have shipping and freight businesses throughout the world. Many types of businesses fall under Morales Enterprise. But that’s not how their fortune was built.
The Organization is the most lucrative. It’s the family business, Baby Girl was born to do. She’s a killer-for-hire. The best that pro money can buy.
Since age 4, she was taught to hit targets while controlling her emotions, at the same time. The main staples of a contract killer. She perfects it and becomes the #1 assassin in the world, before she’s old enough to drink. This puts a permanent bulls eye on her back, From other pros, who want the high price contracts she gets to pick from, first.
The Don also gave her the best education money could buy. For years, her occupation was a well kept secret. Camouflaged with her husbands security detail. Her husband is the famous and multi-platinum Hip-Hop artist known as MC Young D.
Shortly after they wed and months before the birth of their 1st son, he discovers what she calls work. Immediately, he insists that she retire.
An heiress to an enormous estate in bayou country Lafourche parish, in Louisiana, Baby Girl is very smart and strong willed. She has her family’s crest to honor. Not only her marriage.
Her struggle after becoming a mother, is to make her husband understand how convenient her skills are to keeping them all safe. Especially with him being in such a dangerous industry.
It isn’t until a rogue is found under her family tree. Plus an attempt on her and Young D’s life, that he begins to open his mind to the fruitfulness of her job.
Will she find the person who’s trying to kill her and her husband, in time?
Will she be able to honor the family rule of terminating a rogue, when that rogue is family?
How do you convince your husband, who is head of household and has protected you since day one, that you have the advantage when it comes to preventing attacks on the family?
How do you make him understand that killing isn’t an emotional thing, when he wants to be brought in?

Once she gets a target of the personal kind, she vows to remove that threat, at all cost. Even if it means losing her beloved husband and sons.
But however dirty she gets and whatever dirt she does, she’s determined to do it, All By Her Lonely.
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