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A Shatter of Innocence

A Shatter of Innocence cover image
A Shatter of Innocence cover image A Shatter of Innocence cover image A Shatter of Innocence cover image
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by: Dr Joan Rathe
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Publication Date: November 19, 2014
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 208
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
The Bible teaches us to embrace each moment of everyday we have because we are not promised another. Today, more than ever, we need to be even more cognizant of these thoughts for in one flick of an eye our lives as we know them could be forever changed in history.
In A shatter of Innocence: Colors of the mind author, Dr Joan Rathe, recognizes, reveals, and documents statistics and case studies revealing danger of a mentally Ill personality. when left unguarded and untreated which may develop and manifest at a later date into violent rage and evil thinking.
. Our time here is very guarded and each precious moment should be held close and cherished. The world as we knew it has changed drastically relative to family issues, relationships, schools and airplane safety, workplaces, sports, social events, and competitive challenges. There are no guarantees a person will leave their home in the morning and return that evening. Children attending school have become targets of senseless bullying and massacre. Social competitive events, once exciting and enjoyable are now crushed by horrific evil plans.
In essence, we are walking a short tightrope of fear and rage, Searching the past, we have found little or no answers to tighten up loose ends and secure our future foundation of principals of justice, posterity, and freedom for all.
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