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A Memoir Of A Concrete Rose

A Memoir Of A Concrete Rose cover image
A Memoir Of A Concrete Rose cover image A Memoir Of A Concrete Rose cover image A Memoir Of A Concrete Rose cover image
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by: Ashley Boullion
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Publication Date: March 18, 2022
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 177
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9798885672153

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Book Synopsis
This story shares the pain, purpose and perseverance of a young girl on her journey to womanhood. This book is proof that everybody has an origin story. Some stories, like Ashley's are filled with twist, turns, trauma, pain, turning points and test. It is comforting yet troubling to realize just how similar many of us are in our life experiences. When reading this story many of us will see ourselves, a friend or a family member as we read along and discover that although we are different people. Our experiences are the same. They shape us, guide us and eventually create who we become after the dust settles.
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About The Author
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Ashley Quinn Boullion was born in Houston Texas to her late mother Lois and her father Ronald. After living In Houston she moved to Midland Texas and grew up there until the age of 13. After moving to Portland with her father she found her self writing to release her creativity and to release stress. She started writing poetry and then short stories, at that point she wanted to one day write a book. She was studious and went to Benson Polytech High school in Portland Oregon, a magnet school. She felt that setting herself apart would be the key to her future success. She worked several jobs while going to high school, and decided she didn’t want to live in Portland Oregon, it was low socioeconomic areas that had drugs invested areas everywhere. She gives credit to growing up rough like that helped her remain humble and becoming a hard worker and all around go getter. She has been on her own since she was 17 and experienced homelessness and feeling abandoned, but it didn’t stop her.
She graduated high school and went to community college, she soon realized she couldn’t afford to pay for her education, so she made a decision that would change her life drastically she joined the Navy as a cook. From that point life took off, she excelled and served 14 honorable years. During those years she became a mother to Israel and Seth who she had with her now ex-husband.
Ashley finished her graduate degree in Masters of Science and Health Services Administration, she owned Shecooksinheels ,LLC and has worked in various Public Health platforms such as the Centers of Disease Control and for the Department of the Navy in civil service. She now is continuing to serve as Education Facilitator helping military families transition out the military. She is dedicated to the up lifting of people and has a heart for philanthropy. When she has time she volunteers feeding the homeless . She hosted several events where local cooks came together and served the community.
She attributes all her success to God and her mother and favorite uncle who she says are her guardians. “Having a pure heart will take you places” and never giving up no matter what it looks like ,she says. This is her first book and she wrote it in dedication to her children and her late mother who also was a writer but never published. “This one is for my linage, I came to this earth to shake the table and create legacy”, she often says. She pays tribute to all her close friends and loved ones who have supported her. She hopes that her readers are encouraged to keep going and never stop. Your pot of gold is at the end of your rainbow!