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5 Steps to Transform Your Mind to Mastery in Any Industry

5 Steps to Transform Your Mind to Mastery in Any Industry cover image
5 Steps to Transform Your Mind to Mastery in Any Industry cover image 5 Steps to Transform Your Mind to Mastery in Any Industry cover image 5 Steps to Transform Your Mind to Mastery in Any Industry cover image
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by: Dr. Anthony Rhodman
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Publication Date: June 16, 2019
Book Size: 4.25" x 6.87"
Pages: 57
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781732675292

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Book Synopsis
Did you know that you have more than one mind? Would you like to know how to master each type of mind to become successful? Success Epitomized presents 5 Steps to Transform Your Minds to Mastery. One of four books released together in a 12-part series, this book explores different minds and what it means to be a master. This book teaches:

Five different minds with an explanation on what part of our lives each one controls, including the many parts of your Conscious Mind.

An in-depth look at how the minds work, both individually and together, and how you can command them to take control of your life.

Mastery – what it is, what makes a master, and how to turn mastery into a habit using your Subconscious Mind.

Directing your mind to mastery by reprogramming negative habits from the Subconscious Mind in six phases.

How to remain a master and the power tools you need to stay in Mastery and how to use the Art and Science of Repetition for lasting confidence.

5 Steps to Transform Your Minds to Mastery explores each of your minds and how you can use them in the pursuit of success, and is part of a set in a much larger personal development series by Success Epitomized. Look for all four books in this set:

5 Steps to Transform Your Minds to Mastery in Any Industry
The 7 Pillars of Visualization
12 Keys to the Manifestation of Any Goal
The 12 Techniques of Meditation to Take Control of Your Conscious Mind
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About The Author
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Dr. Anthony Rhodman is a spiritual psychologist, who enhances mental wellness as a personal development trainer and life coach. He is a professional keynote speaker who focuses on removing the misconceptions toward our true capabilities. Dr. Rhodman is a leading authority in Spiritual Psychology and Personal Achievement and he uses divinely inspired techniques to improve mental performance. He is also a subject-matter expert in Leadership Development and Empowerment Advancement which he uses to improve mental health issues.

As CEO and founder of Success Epitomized LLC, he consults and provides personal growth strategies for both companies and individuals. His clients consist of professional athletes, models, business executives, financial investors, health and wellness companies, recording artists, and legal firms, and many more. 

Dr. Rhodman is here to guide and lead you on your journey to success. He will encourage and help you implement the success systems into your personal life and profession. He will train you to deliver peak performance and undeniable results in every area of your life.

Dr. Anthony Rhodman is also Founder and CEO of God’s Chosen One Enterprises Venture Capital and Investment Firm, Be All Knowing, In God's Image, and It Is Written Publications.
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