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The 24 Elders and a Little Scroll Volume : 1

 The 24 Elders and a Little Scroll Volume : 1 cover image
 The 24 Elders and a Little Scroll Volume : 1 cover image  The 24 Elders and a Little Scroll Volume : 1 cover image  The 24 Elders and a Little Scroll Volume : 1 cover image
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by: Daniel C.S.
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Publication Date: December 21, 2016
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 396
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781946447579

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Book Synopsis
This story is God revealing Himself to us; revealing His heart to us through an ancient story. A story that is also the truth. A story about ancient times, when God then talked with man and woman. They knew His voice. They knew His love. When, in ancient times, there was only one language and one alphabet, an alphabet of pictographs that were created from the beginning. When it was that all that was known was known through God, and there was not yet any religion of any kind. All religions come from one main ancient truth. An ancient truth that goes back to the time of Noah, and even Adam. A truth not well understood by the ancients, but yet known by all. God has been good at keeping well hid His secrets within His Tetragrammaton Name of Yahwey. That which is written in the most ancient Paleo-Semitic pictograph alphabet, with only four pictographs. Each pictograph has a number, and each pictograph has a meaning. A universal way of communication between God and man & woman. Daniel C. S.
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About The Author
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As there are three crosses upon the hill. Three to represent three sons that Noah had. Also, three sons that Adam did have. Each having a cursed son, a slain or persecuted son, and a birthright shepherd son to fight back against evil. Three also being the trinity number. God only had one begotten Son, but did He make man before Christ, and then immortals after? This being three sons, Jesus being the precious slain that inherits the Father's House. Like Abel was, and the Semitic seed.