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"The Maestro's Instrument(sm) 2020."

"The Maestro
"The Maestro "The Maestro "The Maestro
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by: doctor shane jāycée
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Publication Date: May 13, 2020
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 61
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9798645216382

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Book Synopsis
The Encompassing Moral of "The Maestro's Instrument(sm) 2020":

Outstanding Albeit Yet to be Discovered...
it has indeed been nothing short of an informative plus life-transforming self-discovery. The underlying moral of the story is…
(1) In Order to Realize Maximum Potential: You must approach life with a totally fresh point-of-view. You Must be willing to assess circumstances – moving forward, with an Open-mind and a receptive heart.
(2) There Exist Greater Purpose Behind the Fabric of Your Life: That which up until now appears mundane of otherwise without any sense of direction. Yet it is lining up towards a far Greater Purpose.
(3) The Distinctive Value of Your Existence is Not Contingent Upon Where you Came: The DISTINCTIVE VALUE of your existence is not determined by the manufacturer from where you came. In brief, it comes down to a singular question, “Who is your source?”
(4) Never Prejudge a Person-Based Upon External Pulchritude.
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About The Author
He IS…
an Artisan d' maestro – Master Comprehensive-Artisan. One who is astonishingly gifted in the disciplines of poetry, lyricism, and painting plus sculpturing.
Originates – was born and raised, out of Southeastern Louisiana. Residing in his formative years, vacillating between Orleans and St. Tammany Parish/ He currently resides – along with his wife of 16 years, in the North Texas Region.
Began his formal creative works during his earliest formative years. He is a man of exceptional insights and unparalleled innovation.
When questioned regarding preferred artistic styles-venues, Mr. Lafayette asserts that he prefers endeavoring into anything that his knack for bringing the unseen into the natural can best be utilized. He is well versed and educated in the “things of the unseen or supernatural realm”.
He completed his earned Ph.D. in 2019. His doctorate is in Computing Engineering & Sciences with central focus on Human-Centered Design and Innovation. He is a member of Alpha Chi, Kappa, Delta Pi, and honor societies. He is regarded as an exceptional scholar-practitioner.
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