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Remorse amy roberts
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Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Considering they once disemboweled a couple, then filled the empty body cavities with charcoal and had a BBQ, it’s little wonder no one betrays the Akazu. Barbaric revenge is the gang’s prominent commodity. Abigail Thorton would have no reason to be associated with the Akazu. She’s a dedicated trauma surgeon living the American dream: a challenging and rewarding career, adoring husband and three children on the brink of their own greatness. But Abigail suddenly finds her name at the top of the gang’s agenda when a washed-up reporter desperate to revive her career, airs a news story that inadvertently endangers Abigail’s life. Abby has humiliated the Akazu, on national TV no less, and the ...