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Cliterature THE HOUSEWIFE Spring 2009 Volume XI
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Featuring artwork by Ed Baker ("Housebound"); poetry by Bridget Bell ("Elegy for a former self," "Buttermilk sky," "Unsweetened"); a short story by Lynn Brewer ("Domestic"); poetry by Lauren Cerruto ("Making a Dirty Bed," "Rose-Petal Red"); a poem by Aimee Herman ("tips on how to be a proper wife"); a poem by Emily Maggard ("Blame the Panties"); a poem by Danielle Maggio ("Love Poem"); a poem by Dagny McKinley ("Split"); poetry by Richard Murphy ("Gretel to Naive," "The Guise," "Her Morning Gargle," "Labor Law," "Pop"); artwork by Yrik Max Valentonis "Untitled"; and a poem by Michelle Valentonis ("Housewife")