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The Love Muscle Fred Barnett
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Rated HARD-R NSFA (Not safe For Anyone) “Rock n' Roll! The kids will love it! It’s the perfect music for busting sh*t up.” In the late 70’s, evil forces lead by The God of Sleaze, Anthony Rubio, began to replace real musical talent with an army of pony-tailed middle-aged shitheal lawyers. To save music, Cheri (the naked muse and owner of The Duck n' Fishes Bar in LA) had to gather her unearthly friends to fight Rubio’s force.. Johnny Passion, the washed-up leader of the 60’s rock band, The Love Muscle was her chief weapon. Sadly, both Cheri and Johnny needed to find his first lover, Rebel, to succeed.