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Parva Divina Comoedia. Lamentations of Possunt Habrotonum By: James Johnson III
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
So often I find myself missing the days that were embraced in simpler times and with simpler statutes, but gone are the days of mindless revelry and the time of this world waits for no man. Time like God is no respecter of men thus we only have so much, no so little time to ponder the eternal matters on which we base our separate lives. The truth becomes more evident with each passing day of my life that the minds of men know no boundary. So often we find ourselves contemplating the ideas that we came up with or that were set forth by the great philosophers and theologians of a more romantic era. In this brief collection of lamentations, you will see how I dive headfirst into the churnin ...