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Between Jah and the Vazimba - the Ark of Noah ALAIN JACK PIERROT RALAIVAO
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Size: 8.5" x 11"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Between JAH and the VAZIMBA, a TREATY of ALLIANCE had been concluded, several centuries ago, and its content is still operative on this day! Following the definition erroneously or misleadingly given through denatured Histories of Madagascar, the name "VAZIMBA” designates some Spiteful Spirits, who grant no toleration to people(s) who commit profanations against them; however,in fact, the name VAZIMBA naturally serves to call the first inhabitants of Madagascar who had been living there just after the Universal Deluge, already before the dislocation of the Continent of Gondwana from the Continent of Asia. The VAZIMBA People had already known very well the sole true proper name of God C ...