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Loose Fish A DoubleNickel Detective Novel gv simoni
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Trouble in River City. Cold cases and corruption, mayhem and metaphysics, this DoubleNickel Detective story serves up the usual mix of characters, clues and conundrums. Called 'DoubleNickel' as a boy for his thick glasses, 'Nick' as a college man, he otherwise remains without a name. This nondescript fellow is, in appearance, a brown paper sack, a mutt of mixed ancestry. His father was Japanese. His mother was Irish. He is sardonic. He drinks. He is not your gentleman sleuth. He is a private eye who lines up with the hard boiled boys. An Afterward provides both an explication of the format as well as a comment on detective stories generally. Might be more here than meets the eye.