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An Uncommon Circle Kendra Cole
Books with a 3 star rating(3)
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pain. It is perhaps one of the few things that unites peoples across all time and through every world. But one lovely girl, Ashe, has endured pain beyond comprehension. Out of this dark experience, though, she becomes the only human alive with the power to control the Myst. Ashe, along with her sister Miriam, must use her knowledge to rescue the Kingdom of Nivec from complete and utter decimation. But they cannot work alone. As the elven prophecy foretells, an uncommon circle must come together. Who will join this circle to fight against evil? “The world clashes, the Myst is caught, and an uncommon circle saves the Earth.”
Jessie's Eyes (Abandoned) .
Books with a 3 star rating(4)
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781620300961
Her hair blew in the wind and her hawk-like eyes stared at him, a stare harsh enough to kill anybody, or anything, in her path. With pure black skin and vacant black eyes, she seemed like nothing more than a three dimensional gloom. The only way to tell apart her hair and eyes were the thin white outlines of them. Her fingers were used as knives. Daniel slowly walked toward her. She seemed terrified of others, even though most others were afraid of her. She pointed her knife-like fingers inches from his heart. The knives were now touching his shirt, breaking through it and starting to break through his skin. He leapt backwards, but the murkiness would easily follow him. Suddenly, a loud ...
MentallyOrganizedBusiness: The Novel Rich Camacho
Books with a 3 star rating(3)
Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781948339650
PR ESCOBAR. DON CORIONE. SAM LUCIANO. These are the men that led a revolution. These are the men that created a cult following. And these are the men that blood was spilled for, time & time again. They have a rich history culminating from GhostTown, New Jeruz with members of their family spreaded throughout the entire country. MentallyOrganizedBusiness is an Organized Syndicate of mentally driven and business minded individuals that would stop at nothing to attain what is owed to them. With family there will be issues, betrayals and loss. But in close knit families, those things never prove to be stronger than who they go after. The story can't be categorized. It's a thriller ...
The Eternal Cycle/Collected Stories and Poems sandy raschke
Books with a 3 star rating(9)
Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
The Eternal Cycle (Collected Stories and Poems) is a collection of new and previously published fourteen speculative short stories and a selection of poems, gleaned from more than twenty years of publishing in the small press. The stories range from science fiction, fantasy, satire, and light horror. The poems are from Female of the Species, a mini-collection of speculative poetry published in 1998.
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