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Heading to Apoc Morgan Destera
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Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Binding: Perfect Bound
(Age 18+) A young woman, Siki, struggles to survive in a United States after a series nuclear power plant meltdowns devastate the land. The government has been taken over by the Regulators as radiation poisoning has left a large segment of the population dead or unable to reproduce. Breedings of those able to reproduce are bought and sold, with no pleasure. When Siki proves to be infertile, she is scarred and banished to the mines to work until her death. Her supervisor, Vin, recognizes her potential, but when a certain Regulator discovers missing workers, Siki finds herself on the run with Vin to legendary Apoc. Who is this mysterious Regulator who seems so fascinated with them? Will he ...
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