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Buford's Passion Branford L. Collins (RIP)
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781633187320
A book recalling memories of old friends and the experiences that created those memories.
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Size: 4.25" x 6.87"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781620306048
Advertencia: Cualquier parecido con la realidad es pura coincidencia. Este libro es una sopa de letras donde la música ranchera y el lenguaje Chicano se mezclan, donde lo amargo de una prostituta se vuelve tan dulce como un cóctel de frutas, donde el cruzar la frontera no termina en llegar al otro lado sino en sobrevivir estando ahí. Este es un conjunto de historias verdaderamente ficticias, donde ellas, ellos, nosotros, los otros y aquellos locos son los protagonistas, mismos que se entrelazan, se revuelcan, resultando en victimas conflictivas y nunca olvidadas.
Pain Into Power Uchenna Agbahiwe
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9798885670913
In Pain into Power, Uchenna takes the reader on a journey from her childhood to her adulthood. As a child she had dreams of becoming a track star or playing for the WNBA. Uchenna was expelled her last year in high school. She got pregnant at the age of nine-teen with her daughter Camiyah not knowing which direction to turn or where her life was headed. She struggles from abusive relationships, scandalous friendships, drugs, depression, anxiety and much more. As she says, " I do not sugar coat nothing, I give it real and raw." She uses her pain to express her power and she gives advice to people that has been through what she has been through or similar.
The Making of AJAY-RELOADED- "Every Man", a Time Will Reveal novel Author Black Coffee
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Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780984470181
What qualifies a male to be seen as a man comes from how he’s viewed through the eyes of those in his world. Who that man is stems from how he’s reared as a boy. The lessons he’s taught and the knowledge he takes from those lessons, as a boy child, will manifest as he grows and becomes the man that his world sees. Thus, how valuable those boyhood teachings are to him will translate to others by the way he lives his life. AJAY learned about his legacy as a boy from his father, his grandfather and the males in his crew. He learned to love his woman unconditionally because that is what he saw and valued from those forefathers. He also learned how he was expected to carry out that l ...
The Odyssey of Me Karen Teich Cluster
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781633185500
I have had a wonderful life so far! I was raised in the military and got to travel, and to live in Europe for 3 years and travel to 10 different countries. At the age of 15 I was stricken with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in both knees, which put an end to my very physical life. I finally had a horse, for 4 months before getting the JRA, and had to sell her, as I was in the hospital 6 times that 1st summer. I have subsequently had 18 surgeries for various problems, and I have learned to live with what I have. This book chronicles most of my life so far: the pain, the goodness, the loves in my life, and the heartaches. I also have a section dedicated to our Military Veterans, as ...
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