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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Hardened Hearts Kendra Cole
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Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Auset lived a life of honor in the palace of the Pharaoh. He was the god of her people. Did a power greater than the Pharaoh exist? Who was the true God of her heart?
My daughter is Strange Elaine Johnson
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Size: 5.06" x 7.81"
Binding: Perfect Bound
A mother was surprised in learning her sweet freckled face daughter held a secret. A secret she held of great monumental importance. Her daughter wanted to speak of it but was afraid. She was afraid her mother would not like her much. Her secret was long reaching, as the arms of the Military and Homeland Security was seeking her out. A message from her father clarified a few things, but the mother still had doubts. Aliens?
The Battle of Brothers Kendra Cole
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Size: 5" x 8"
Binding: Perfect Bound
The Sword of the Kings. It has been prophesied that a human will come and find it and end the Battle of Brothers for good. Who shall come and take it?
THE FLAMELS and the Alchemist's Sacrifice Nadav L. Minkowitz Book One
Books with a 5 star rating(2)
Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Binding: Perfect Bound
On a normal day in the year 2018, there is a seventeen year old unassuming boy who is about to embark on an unforgettable adventure. He meets two famous immortals and the three trek to the infamous lair of the Time Twister, Kronos. Along their unexpected journey, the boy has to fight an evil group consisting of immortal Egyptians and Greek gods and goddesses. The boy has to defeat them in order to save the world from evil and corruption. It is up to Lior either to save the world or let it get destroyed. This is BOOK ONE of THREE.
The Perfect Love Story - Until Forced To Birth His Off-Spring Trisha J. Thoms
Books with a 0 star rating(1)
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781648583988
We are a life form far beyond the earth and seven planets beyond the sun. A place named Teman, which says in the Bible as being (Where God is from) Chapter 3. Paragraph 3 in the Book of Habakkuk, We’re a gentle race, and it is our mission to repopulate with humans on earth to bring back the decency of humanity. We aim to teach others how to love one another again and treat all humanity kindly. Our high leader has seen and studied the decline in the human race, with men treating each other as though the life of others has no value and taking that life without a second thought. She has also observed how men treat and view women as objects to abuse without a pang of regret, even ...
The Sponsors: Book One - The First Sponsor Wanda Walker
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Size: 6" x 9"
Binding: Perfect Bound
Zhas began life as Chikitum, a boy living in a remote tribe deep within the rainforest. But after half of his family is slaughtered, he is taken captive by slave traders and transported to Bhajar, the capital of the Hahnar Empire. It is there he’s sold to the Yhana School for Zhaljas and given the name Zhas. Here he learns what it means to be a zhalja for a man of wealth— to be his steward, entertainer, host, and most vocal advocate in business and politics. At the age of fifteen, Zhas must be “sponsored” by a man of high society, and the higher the better. Zhas's place in the glamorous world of Bhajar's most important people is cemented when he is sponsored by a man of wealth and influe ...
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