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Wandering cover image
Wandering cover image Wandering cover image Wandering cover image
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by: Peter Janousek
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Publication Date: May 26, 2016
Book Size: 4.25" x 6.87"
Pages: 48
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9780991166985

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Book Synopsis
Memories and the way they combine in our thoughts and emotions as layers of linear time, are the one fundamental thread which is spun throughout our lives from beginning to end and links all things we ever do, think, hope and cherish, together. To be devoid of memory would be a hollow life indeed. I wonder if Alzheimer’s victims experience it that way or if they just can’t communicate anymore. I’m grateful for my memories, even if many of them are problematic and sorrowful to recall. The fact that they dwell in the past, where all things must go, is a comfort for I cannot experience them just so ever again and those that are sweet as candy to my being, are still that way when I remember them rightly. But grasping them is sometimes tricky and that’s where poetry comes in: to elaborate upon, illuminate and exemplify the details which are hidden in the folds of recollection. The subjective nature of poetry or its musical counterpart of lyrics or even the dramatic exercise of slam, is what gives each writer their freedom like none other. We poets write because it is a compulsion, an urge felt by each of us to be significant and a muse considered fleeting enough that it must be preserved in the form of expression through words. It’s lucky for my brother, sister and myself that we all shared such a drive to safeguard our moods, memories and observations through the medium of pen and paper or they would have been lost. I was but a lad when most of the following works came to be and my own poems ~ sprouting from the naïveté and idealism of youth which is still free from most ambition ~ are decidedly ordinary and embarrassingly enough, mostly free of literary merit as well. Even my few revisions, meant to make them more coherent, leave them perfunctory, at best. After all, how can a poet use sparse clouds, reflect in its many conjugations, love or sunlight and intangibles like reality and dream, so often and hope to get away with it? I guess my instructors weren’t cruel enough to point that out to me back in 1976 when I first created the small book, Wandering, in my senior year of high school. All of its original twenty two poems plus a few extras from that decade, are joined by eight works my sister wrote and four which my brother penned, all between the late 1960’s and the late 1970’s. My brother’s work here is precise and masterful, though his calling would come in the visual arts as a fine illustrator and painter. My sister’s poems present a deep understanding of time and cerebral emotion for such a young woman: something I would only grasp some years later. These forty pieces resound with an innocence nearly erased from this modern age of cell phones, computers and the internet. Such devices are designed to simplify life but have also helped subdue our wisdom. If we hope to continue appreciating beauty and love through understanding, it is imperative that we occasionally embrace the purity and perfection of the written word. It comes from a finer place than the home we have made for ourselves on this fragile planet. So, we hope you enjoy this pocketful of charms as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.
P.J.J., Arizona, 2016
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