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Trudy and the Truth

Trudy and the Truth cover image
Trudy and the Truth cover image Trudy and the Truth cover image Trudy and the Truth cover image
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by: Perla Lara
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Publication Date: January 17, 2015
Book Size: 5.06" x 7.81"
Pages: 27
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
A short story by Perla Lara-Ambriz that will you make your jaw drop who also painted the front cover of this book. A funny schocking story based on the the way the simple truth can change the world. Trudy the main character who is only twelve years old is a very special individual with an amazing gift she was born with, she is a genius. She creates potions almost like a mad scientist, yet no one knows of her gift, not even her parents. Everything changed before she even blinked when she accidently mixed in a wrong potion with another and caused the world to turn upside down, not literally, but it caused a large visible cloud to form and its taking over the world and making people tell nothing but the complete truth. Now she had to figure out a solution to flip the world back around.
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About The Author
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At only sixteen Perla Lara-Ambriz is doing big things. She hopes for one day to become a business owner or a psychiatrist, but helping people is always her goal and nothing is stopping her from achieving on what she truly believes.