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TIME TO LEARN-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 1

TIME TO LEARN-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 1 cover image
TIME TO LEARN-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 1 cover image TIME TO LEARN-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 1 cover image
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by: Author Black Coffee
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Publication Date: June 26, 2013
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 329
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9780984470105

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Book Synopsis
Time To Learn begins this turbulent coming of age series, which starts in the late 1980’s, about the relationship between Ebony “baby girl” Brown and Anthony “Ajay” Jackson. A teenage African American couple growing up in Cleveland. The focus is on the strength and survival of 8 families who were drawn together during their migration north to escape the racism and bigotry during the civil rights movement.
As Ebony’s dreams of romance start to consume her, she’s sent to Houston to care for her big mama. She suffers an attack which brings her crew together in ways reminiscent of their elders. The crew’s loyalty is overwhelming. Ajay’s aggressive demeanor and Ebony’s innocence captures you in Part 1. You’ll be engaged in the suspense and intrigue of this Cleveland crew. And held captive to see if they’ll overcome the temptations of street life to become successful entrepreneurs. Despite the obstacles they face.

Can Ebony’s love survive the stigma of her suppressed past, her lack of sexual experience plus distance? Can her heart endure the growing pains of love which Ajay often puts her through? Will he survive his many confrontations with rivals, his quick temper plus a cold-as-steel mentality which often leads him to kill or be killed? Can he do without his outside love interest and street credibility? Will his obsession with Ebony’s faithfulness to him, in spite his lifestyle, drive her away and him farther down the path of destruction?

This series will take you on a journey of urban love and loyalty as “the crew” deal with emotions which take them from jealous rage, drug abuse, murder and betrayal. To the 1 thing they all seek. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! But is love enough to save Ajay from himself? Or will he sacrifice the love of his life and a career in the NBA, for his ego? This is an ongoing saga which while the characters and their interactions are fictitious, the story deals with true history.
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