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TIME TO FEEL-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 5

TIME TO FEEL-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 5 cover image
TIME TO FEEL-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 5 cover image TIME TO FEEL-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 5 cover image TIME TO FEEL-RELOADED-Time Will Reveal part 5 cover image
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by: Author Black Coffee
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Publication Date: June 28, 2013
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 346
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9780984470174

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Book Synopsis
Sometimes all the family, love and loyalty in the world aren’t enough to save a few. Unfortunately for this tight knit crew, more grief is coming in their future.
As Time To know part 4 ended Ajay’s big sister Lynn Jackson-Brown who was fresh off a tour in Afghanistan had returned to Cleveland to learn that she has some business to attend to with Katrina Dobbs. Ajay’s confession to her is 1 sleeping dog Lynn isn’t willing to let lie. She wants the actions that Katrina so boldly took back when her and Ajay were attending college at The University of Cincinnati out and on front street immediately. This is 1 for the crew females to handle and Lynn isn’t leaving Cleveland without some reciprocity.
Meanwhile Rich and T-baby’s problems continue. He’s determined she’s going to honor their marriage vows no matter what or who he does. In Time To Feel part 5 Rich becomes desperate to have T-baby’s trust again but doesn’t seem to remember or care what it takes to have it. T-baby is playing in the WNBA while Rich sinks deeper and deeper into a funk of depression mixed with drug use. Their situation will become very volatile before a definite conclusion is reached.
Ajay’s wingman Jarvis and his wife Gwen are bidding for a spot in the crew but something from their past will have to be unfurled before a positive vote can be reached. Unbeknownst to anyone Gwen’s sister Nickeia moves in town so she can act on the passion she’s carried for Ajay since 1992.
Murderess Angel Taylor doesn’t respect that she’s doing time for killing the first unborn of Ajay and Ebony. She continues trying to contact Ajay from the Ohio State penitentiary. Ajay demands that Chill and his crew take her out and end this charade or he’ll do it himself. His father big Al and Chill thinks her death will bring negative repercussions to Ajay’s celebrity status. But Ajay doesn’t give a d*mn about the fame or his NBA stature. He wants any threat to Ebony erased. He’s requested that Darlene, Alana and Farah Benson be done in too. Farah has brought baggage in the form of her ex-fiancée Marvin Huntley. This wealthy son of an insurance broker from Farah’s hometown of Pittsburgh believes that his money can buy the annihilation of the Cleveland crew. After learning of Farah’s lust for big Chill his mission is to see to it that big Chill dies violently. Leaving Chill and his crew with no other choice but to resort back to the streets and the things they did back in the day,to rid their lives of ne’er-do-wells like Marvin. But going back to the street codes mean the crew men will have to open themselves up for what they call “Crew Thangs” and that’s just not going to work for Ebony.
After a night at the chamber then returning to their home smelling of a whore’s perfume Ajay is faced with the threat of being minus his only love. Ebony puts him on the hot seat and he has to decide if he wants her or “Crew Thangs.”
It’s Time To Feel this crew as this Time Will Reveal series gets it’s 5th wind. Now that all of Chill’s crew are on the parents side of things are they really ready to pass on the legacy of responsibility and priorities? Or they capable of having staying power like the generations before them? They’ve had time to learn, grow, love and know but old feelings and past mistakes can’t be that easily lived down and neither can old beefs. It’s time to feel it, show it, give it and live it or be lost and back on their street sh*t until death does them apart. Only Time Will Reveal!
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