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Those Last Few Days

Those Last Few Days cover image
Those Last Few Days cover image Those Last Few Days cover image
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by: Matthew Russell
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Publication Date: May 29, 2013
Book Size: 5.06" x 7.81"
Pages: 101
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Megan could see something was wrong, very wrong. The man’s lower left jaw looked like it had been torn unwillingly off. Clots of a sickening brown replaced the white of the man’s visible teeth. Spurts of darkened blood spotted the uniform and formed a mosaic of red and gold on the badge he wore on the left of his chest. Large strips of skin on the man’s neck hung loosely and flopped as he strode forward in a sick twisted motion. He did not speak, he did not make any noise before an unearthly gurgle of mucus and blood erupted from the gouge in his neck and he broke into full sprint at the two.
Customer Comments
Posted: May 30, 2013
Customer comment 5 star rating
It feels so personal and makes me want to cry! I love it! Buy it!
About The Author
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Matthew Russell is a self proclaimed zombie expert who loves nothing more than to daydream and prepare for the zombie apocalypse. He is a current student at The University of New Mexico, and enjoys history and geographical studies. In his downtime Russell lives with his girlfriend and inspiration Cassandra.