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The Six Destined

The Six Destined cover image
The Six Destined cover image The Six Destined cover image The Six Destined cover image
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by: Bryan Moosman
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Publication Date: February 1, 2018
Book Size: 5" x 8"
Pages: 90
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis
A long, long time ago, the galaxy was at its prime, or rather it wasn't.
Technology was at its peak, with the millions of scientists from the thousands of inhabited worlds working on it. This technology was then used for evil, instead of good. Evil ruled the galaxy, and technology was used only for war.
Among the rubble of worlds, and asteroids, lies an ancient forgotten race of profound knowledge, the Qilliia. They were the only survivors of the "forgotten cries" and only they know the true secrets of the galaxy.
In this forgotten world lies a true document, or rather a vision by some. The only good persons in the galaxy, the ancient Destined and the Qilliia, forged this lonely document in the fires of evil, only to be cast away as they died. The Qilliia stood up against evil to witness the Destined do something beyond the known knowledge of the galaxy; create a way to undo evil, however the great super-weapons of evil destroyed the Qilliia before the time came, but the document they
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