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The RaKKoon Gang Meets the City

The RaKKoon Gang Meets the City cover image
The RaKKoon Gang Meets the City cover image The RaKKoon Gang Meets the City cover image The RaKKoon Gang Meets the City cover image
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by: Nico S. Adams
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Publication Date: December 31, 2021
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 41
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color
ISBN: 9781637903018

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Book Synopsis
The last time we saw the RaKKoon Gang, those little fellows were crashing Bucky’s kitchen and causing a disruption to the annual block party. It had been a few months since that fiasco occurred in suburbia. Of course, Bucky the bucktooth boy was still upset and continued on his mission to catch the critters. What Bucky didn’t expect was that he would have a bit of quiet for a moment. It wasn’t because of his witty traps; it was because Hatz the leader of the crew finally got his wish. The RaKKoon Gang were heading to the city.
Customer Comments
Bernice Venable
Posted: April 3, 2022
Customer comment 0 star rating
Another great story about the Rakkoon Gang! The crew visits the big city and are having a fun time seeing all the different sites, big buildings, and foods until the unexpected happens. Poor Phatz was really caught in a pickle this time and I thought we had lost him. But once again the author puts a twist in the story, and all ends well. This is again, a fun read and great story indeed. I highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure!
About The Author
Nico S. Adams believes that having an optimistic attitude and faith in yourself will result in a positive outcome. She believes that dreams do come true and that "The world can't move if people stand still". You have to dream big and have a vivid imagination. Follow your heart, be diligent and don't be discouraged.
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