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The Narrative Vol.1

The Narrative Vol.1 cover image
The Narrative Vol.1 cover image The Narrative Vol.1 cover image The Narrative Vol.1 cover image
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by: Corey Thorpe
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Publication Date: August 15, 2019
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 68
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781645504870

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Book Synopsis
The Narrative Vol.1 was created to offer a thought-provoking concise understanding that will hopefully impose a mental self-examination, ultimately including self-knowledge, and in kind inciting an authentic sense of self-awareness.
There are no identical experiences between any two persons. For even a shared identical circumstance will result in varied experiences. For every circumstance in life (positive or negative) is a unique personal experience. Every moment being unique to the individual, perceptually, emotionally, spiritually; in time and space, tailored for an individual.
The way that we view life and learn from your experiences is based off of our perception. Thus dictating the way the way that we learn and grow. The difference between success and failure, accomplishing your goals or being stuck in the same place that we came from. No one is perfect, and life isn't always fair but we can make the best out of any situation.
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About The Author
The thoughts composed in this compilation are from a psychological perspective derived throughout my personal journey. I have never procured a degree of any kind, or a formal education. Nor do I profess any title of sorts, though in “some circles” I’m considered to be (as they say) “well read”. I deem such an arguable accusation to simply be a matter of perspective.

-Corey Thorpe