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The Five Rings Of Power

The Five Rings Of Power cover image
The Five Rings Of Power cover image The Five Rings Of Power cover image The Five Rings Of Power cover image
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by: Marcus Svedin
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Publication Date: September 22, 2022
Book Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 25
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Entering the courtyard from the other side, a man wearing black armor looks up and startled, says, “Woah, I wasn’t expecting any guests. No one has passed through the cave since the gryffin took up residence. How did you get through?”
“We defeated the monstrosity!” Sophie says.
“Hmm, poor creature. I was starting to become fond of it. Now what brings you here?”
Stepping forward and pushing Cecil to the side, Tellah says, “It’s about time we meet!”
Looking at the old man with a quizzical look, the man says, “Am I supposed to know you?”
“Me and my companion defeated your dragon.”
Anger flares across the man’s face as he recalls that day. “So you are here to turn yourself in for the crime? Excellent. As a reward, I shall make your death quick and mostly painless. I can’t let you get off totally pain free. You see, I cried when I found out she died.”
Not wanting to listen to the man anymore, Tellah waves his gnarled wand and launches a fireball. Hitting him in the chest unawares, he falls back and lands hard on the ground.
“Oof,” the man says, laying flat. “I was not expecting that.”
Leaping up to his feet, the man looks at Tellah. Seeing the determination in the old man’s eyes thrilled him. Most men had fear in their eyes but not Tellah. What the man saw looking back at him was someone who wanted to win. No, had to win. And he would give his all to do it. Smiling, the man looks forward to a good duel.
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