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Switching Lanes (B&W)

Switching Lanes (B&W) cover image
Switching Lanes (B&W) cover image Switching Lanes (B&W) cover image Switching Lanes (B&W) cover image
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by: Amir Farrakhan
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Publication Date: January 22, 2020
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 102
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9780996388016

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Book Synopsis
I am writing to you about my experiences as a porn star, author, a lover, and a man. I am going in a new direction with my business, not saying that I am totally done with porn, I am just changing my focus for right now.
This book will be filled with sex, secrets, advice, and more. I am going to bare it all about my sexual encounters as I answer questions that have been posed to me in person and via social media. I will share with you important tips and let y’all in on my secrets in the bedroom. The techniques I teach you will enhance awareness about sex and the relationships that unfold in the process . At the same time I am going to help transform the thinking of young ladies to knowledgeable women. I will teach women to put themselves in a position to never be told no, hold up, or I got you. All in all, I guarantee there will be some “Amazing Finishes.”
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About The Author
My name is Mr. Amazing. I stand at six feet, one inch. My weight is 180 pounds. My arms and chest are well toned; and the women love my caramel complexion. But the thing they love more than anything; is the way a brother put it down. My dick game is legendary. Chicks are lined up trying to get a piece of me, looking for that quick come up I have been blessed with the innate, intimate knowledge of how to please women, not only physically, but mentally & spiritually as well, what can I say, I am Mr. Amazing, the total package, a renaissance man, that’s me!

My reputation preceded me concerning my bedroom manner. I had women of all ages throwing themselves at me. It was all good though. I didn’t mind sharing myself with the ones I felt worthy. But I had to keep everything in its proper perspective; especially in my line of work or it could be hazardous. You’re probably wondering what it is that I do? Well let’s just say I’m a man of rare ability and I get paid well to appear in rare form.

You'll understand better as I put you on to some of the illest stories ever told. Let me just tell you right now, my dick is a work of art, my girth and length coupled with the fact that I am extremely skilled sexually and my stamina rivals that of the energizer bunny, you’d be hard pressed to find a more virile specimen, if I ever chose to bestow this heavenly meat upon you. Despite the fact that I have such amazing attributes, I am very humble and down to earth. I keep the machismo at bay, the asshole in me comes out when summoned, other than that, and I am very cool, calm, and collected at all times.

​Make your next move your best move!
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