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Swine Stampede: the Pageant of Human Frenzy

Swine Stampede: the Pageant of Human Frenzy cover image
Swine Stampede: the Pageant of Human Frenzy cover image Swine Stampede: the Pageant of Human Frenzy cover image Swine Stampede: the Pageant of Human Frenzy cover image
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by: Tony Arnold
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Publication Date: September 1, 2021
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 37
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
"Swine Stampede" celebrates the idiocy of the mass human stampede through a life plagued with ignorance & poor judgment and all its deadly consequences to body, mind and soul.

Our Cheapskate Chapbooks Series is a slimline collection of edited favorites in a lightweight, unchallenging format specially designed for today's aliterate intellectual. You have more important things to spend your money on than improving the mind and spirit, and we here at the White Devil Press know it. They're cheap enough to abuse, yet booky enough to make for fun reading! Buy a bunch and pass them out at church or at the next drug gang meet-up! Now there's no more excuse for not pretending to read!

That affordable enough for ya, tightwad?
Customer Comments
Posted: October 4, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
"Have anybody claims been scientifically proven? No! Thus, it's all either made up nonsense, or LSD induced hogwash. If bigfoot did exist, and were on Earth in the past, then why aren't they here now, strolling about Disney World and eating pizza at Shakey's? Why does it all have to happen in the past, Biblical times and alien pyramids and the like, but not in the present? I wont believe in yetties until I see one face to face. almost felt being cheated with this book. better to watch the program on TV.... should have returned it. too much trouble. Makes a great gift item." -- The Sandwich Fanciers Bulletin
About The Author
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"Tony Arnold" is the cryptonym under which author & musician Dr. Crabbe Rangoon creates his picaresque books of fiction. Dr. Rangoon is the chimerical father of Misanthropology, and splits his time between a Quonset hut atop Floating Rock Mountain and a stilt home in Candor-on-Asperger, Florida. Rangoon holds a Ph.D. in Exocryptobiology from Florida Memorial University, and served on renowned explorer Horst von Hesselbrut's last expedition. Subsequent endeavors included procurement journeys into Asia, the South Pacific, and The Dark Continent, where he earned the appellation "White Devil" by introducing the use of the pellet rifle in the execution of East African poachers. When not involved in writing, his hobbies include exotic cultural appropriation, listening to instrumental & improvisational music, and frequenting Chinese restaurants.
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