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Share The Moon, Episode 1, Aina's Dreams

Share The Moon, Episode 1, Aina
Share The Moon, Episode 1, Aina Share The Moon, Episode 1, Aina Share The Moon, Episode 1, Aina
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by: Mark Urso
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Publication Date: October 9, 2016
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 176
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781682738313

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Book Synopsis
Gaze toward the moon and count your blessings.
"Aina's Dreams," the first episode of the "Share The Moon" series, introduces Aina, a bright young girl with a wild imagination, Howard, a winged, fire-breathing, unemployed dragon, and Carlos Riviera, the world's best romantic antagonist, a former bullfighter who now collects cars for a living.
Then there's Fuzz, a cat whose wisdom seems tonight most wise, and most mystical, under the moonlit sky.
As the story begins, the dragon befriends the young girl, setting up a series of imaginative self-indulgent daydreaming excursions, involving a man who's the embodiment of both heaven and hell, a dragon who reveals Aina's softer, and lazier, side, a cat who bridges her from dreams to reality then spins her into the "real" universe, goblins, flying monkeys, lots of beautiful music, even a boat ride that can't be turned around!
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About The Author
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Mark Urso is an author and musician of the most independent kind, who wishes to invite you on a journey of imagination and emotion, through the excursions of a not-so-innocent girl, and through the voice, sometimes, of a not-so-friendly dragon. The journey continues on a 15-song music CD, "Share The Moon!"
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