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More To Come

More To Come cover image
More To Come cover image More To Come cover image More To Come cover image
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by: Wolfpack Writers
Books with a 4 star rating  (1)
Publication Date: April 16, 2014
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 254
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Opposites Don’t Attract - Hannah Rose Mikula
Avril wanted adventure. Lost at sea, she's picked up by a ship called the Protector. Once aboard, she finds her true destiny, but Avril has to decide if it’s a destiny she’s willing to accept.

The Last Pair of Wings - Lynneatte Quenin
Cassandra’s mom is crazy. Her father nonexistent, or at least that’s what she thought. It turns out, he’s a fairy. And Cassandra is the one-half fae who is destined to change the world, but will she be able to learn all she needs to know in time?

Rebirth - Jordan Epps
Terrifying creatures are hunting humans. The teachers tried to fight them off, but failed. Now,for a small group of students, survival means taking on the beasts. However, a group of renegade adults may prove to be even more dangerous.

Green By Darin Harris
In the future, some humans have been genetically engineered to produce their own food like plants do. They are owned by the Corporation. Hunter and Ivey decide running is their only chance.
Customer Comments
Posted: July 6, 2014
Customer comment 4 star rating
This compilation of short stories written by middle school students is amazing. Each story is written wonderfully, and draws the reader into the story line with vivid, descriptive images. Myself and my children have read More To Come and enjoyed it immensely. We are waiting for more to come! The book is 5 stars for content and readability, but I give it 4 stars because there are some grammatical/editing errors.
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