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Make Smoke, Burn Smoke

Make Smoke, Burn Smoke cover image
Make Smoke, Burn Smoke cover image Make Smoke, Burn Smoke cover image Make Smoke, Burn Smoke cover image
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by: Doug Brethower
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Publication Date: July 15, 2013
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 109
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781620306253

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Book Synopsis
The "aha moment" for the awesome energy of wood followed an historic ice storm in 2007 that crushed huge swaths of the tree canopy across Southwest, Missouri. Traveling to clear the damage as gas prices jumped, seeing the smile on the face of my eight year old son in his first experience with a 4-wheeler, I began pondering his energy future.

Putting a pencil to the btu energy we cut into the ground to rot, the numbers did not add up to sanity. We used expensive energy, to waste free energy to the tune of almost the average selling price per acre.

In my energy past, two dollars bought ten gallons of gas. Local farm work paid two dollars per hour. A road worthy fixer upper vehicle could be had for about a hundred dollars. Hauling hay summers, cutting wood and splitting posts in the winter earned enough to pay all college expenses.

My teenage kids aren't enjoying anywhere near that level of energy freedom or such possibility of upward mobility through hard work. To do so, they would have to begin by being able to ride a bicycle to a job that pays $35 an hour.

I remember nuclear energy being implemented, despite safety concerns, on the promise it would deliver electricity "too cheap to meter". Vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells have been "just around the corner" since my first driver's license, almost four decades past.

Pondering my son's energy future began the search for a reliably better way. The astounding truth is the better way surrounds us. The sun's energy is stored in natures own "power plants" to be used in accordance with man's wisdom. This energy is widely dispersed and freely given to those who will roll up their sleeves rather than wait on the next heavily subsidized and marketed fairy tale to emerge from the pipeline.

So, let's explore an alternative: Make Smoke, Burn Smoke and start a revolution!"
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