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Kids With Guns Part 1 (Book 1 of 5)

Kids With Guns Part 1 (Book 1 of 5) cover image
Kids With Guns Part 1 (Book 1 of 5) cover image Kids With Guns Part 1 (Book 1 of 5) cover image Kids With Guns Part 1 (Book 1 of 5) cover image
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by: Jamell Crouthers
Books with a 4 star rating  (5)
Publication Date: July 5, 2021
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 82
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781691324811

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Book Synopsis
Matthew and Max walk into school armed with arsenal to take out whoever is in their path. Another mass shooting has occurred in America but this time around, you will hear detailed accounts from survivors, police officers, EMS workers, doctors, surgeons and others from the ill-fated afternoon where their lives were forever changed. This will be a story that tells it from various perspectives and not just what the news reports to you. It’s a book that will open your eyes to not only the gun control issues we face in America but the safety of our kids and the adults who are responsible for our kids.
Customer Comments
Posted: August 20, 2021
Customer comment 4 star rating
Kids With Guns is a short book that should not be taken lightly. In the wake of school shootings that sadly seem to be happening more frequently now, Jamell Crouthers affronts this issue in the best way it should be affronted; from a raw, emotional perspective. Almost in a documentary format, Crouthers takes the opposite angle of what is presented in the news. He presents it from the point of view of the actual participants; students, teachers, police officers, first response medical personnel, and recounts their testimony into his book. He even provides a little insight into the two boys who carry on the shooting. To be able to experience these events through the eyes of the witnesses gives these events another perspective, a scarier one. It’s impossible to not be affected by these testimonies. Crouthers does a magnificent job channeling their fears, their sense of helplessness to perhaps help tackle this problem that has taken so many innocent lives. The book does not provide a solution; that is not the author’s claim. But it may help sensitize society in general as to the danger that having firearms around kids poses. This is definitely not an easy book to read, but I do think it’s important literature to learn more about this issue.
Posted: August 26, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
This book is about guns and how to get control of kids taking these weapons into our schools and killing other kids. The book shares the view of this horrible event from the eyes of the students, teachers, police and detectives along with many other people who found themselves thrust into this situation without any warning. These recounts of events through the eyes of the survivors who were there gives you an inside look at the fear and anxiety that filled the hearts and minds of those inside the school with the shooters roaming freely, killing and wounding whomever they crossed paths with. Mass shootings is a hit button topic and gets a lot of press on both sides of the issue. How do we control gun violence while not violating the second amendment rights of our citizens? This book will give you the opportunity to follow those involved in the shooting and get some insight from them as the event occurs. Check this one out folks. It is a very good read.
Posted: August 26, 2021
Customer comment 4 star rating
Kids with Guns is a recount of a school shooting from the perspective of everyone except the news. I think that not even a documentary is able to collect the value in the testimonial of what went on. It is a call that involves not only gun control in America but everything else surrounding the occurrence of school shootings.

The narratives, testimonies, and stories go beyond the scope of the campus and go far beyond, putting together a nice piece of work. This book is not an easy read. As someone stated, it is not a book that seeks to find a solution, it merely tells the story from perspectives that had not been explored yet.

It just tells the story from the side of those who had to go through all the harrowing events, how is it that things like this have been happening in America for the last 20+ years. I do recommend it as it still provides a perspective on what the best road to improve would be.
Posted: August 27, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
A sobering book to read, especially if you have children or grandchildren in a modern American school. This is the story of a school shooting told from the perspective of the students, the police officers, an FBI officer, a reporter, the EMTs, and the various doctors who worked were part of this grim event. There is even an account by a neighbor who stated that she enrolled her sons in a different school where she hoped they would be safer because she believed that the two boys who were the perpetrators were ticking time bombs, just waiting to go off. A telling part of this account is that the guns used belonged to the youths’ parents, and that they were apparently readily accessible to the teens who took them into the school and used them to fire on fellow students and on teachers. The book does not draw conclusions, it simply points at the problem.
Posted: September 20, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
Personally, I felt a bit emotional when I first read the book, and even the summary alone made me feel that I should prepare myself even more. As a person who saw this happening live on television, fear ran through my body. The issue of mass shootings is a sensitive topic that society should be focusing on resolving because it doesn't only happen in America but in different countries as well. Reading through the interviews and knowing the perspectives of various people involved in these incidents gave me somehow a clear idea of what it felt like being there. This is a book that I'd really recommend everyone to read, not only the adults but to the kids as well. This book should be read with an open mind and understanding because these are the accounts of people from the mass shootings, which for some are their nightmares.
About The Author
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Jamell has been consistently writing content about societal issues that plague us in America today. As he continually grows and expands his content, he looks to challenge himself in talking about subject matters that affect us everyday. With each book, he’s looking to make you think, be aware and understand what’s going on around us. As he continues his journey of writing prose books, his #1 goal is to change the world, one book at a time.
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