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I Am of Fire

I Am of Fire cover image
I Am of Fire cover image I Am of Fire cover image I Am of Fire cover image
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by: Luisa Fink and Katina Jakel
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Publication Date: August 25, 2014
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 111
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Every year, new recruits for the four elements - Fire, Water, Earth, and Air - are chosen. Hädyn, a confident young boy from a long line of Water ancestors, finds himself not in Water, but in Fire.

As he comes to understand the other elements' hate and incompatibility, he develops his own hatred for them. But Hädyn soon realizes the equality of the elements, and attempts to put peace between them - despite the price he and his friends will have to pay.
* * *
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About The Author
"Hello Luisa, and happy birthday too! I was so excited when Elliana told me that she was going to make an actual copy of I Am of Fire which also had me reflecting on those months that we did make it. here was a lot of things that happened!! I actually still have that letter where you wrote just about everything that we did! When I open it I'm still shocked at all the writing on the page :D
But with I Am of Fire, it was so fun! I think if we could get it out there it would have such a fan base of all of those other Youth Novels."
~Katina Jakel, Illustrator and Musician/Composer

“There’s poetry in this book... I refer not only to Katina Jakel’s songs which are so integral to the story, but also to the fact that Fink uses words to create images in your mind... Luisa Fink’s I Am of Fire rises above almost everything I've seen being written by her age group.”
~G.C. Salter, Writer and Book Critic

"This novel was an absolutely inspiring and creative work. The storyline and characters are original, and the morals are excellent. Five stars!"
~Olivia C. Fink, Sister and Enthusiastic Reader