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Gravestone ~ A Suspense Novel Of Time Travel

Gravestone ~ A Suspense Novel Of Time Travel cover image
Gravestone ~ A Suspense Novel Of Time Travel cover image Gravestone ~ A Suspense Novel Of Time Travel cover image Gravestone ~ A Suspense Novel Of Time Travel cover image
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by: Kent Barnard
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Publication Date: February 7, 2019
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 324
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781540108401

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Book Synopsis
“Gravestone,” a science fiction novel & suspense thriller with time-travel as the primary theme.
It is 1981, on campus at Central Washington State College, where Michael James, a newlywed, and his best friend Doug Collins, are in an elite class of athletes, both with scholarships and living in the best time of their lives. However, their lives are not only turned upside down, but they are also in danger. The Chamber, a manipulating group of elderly millionaires have control over their lives threating to withdraw the scholarships unless they agree to travel in time for a cause they do not believe in. They must go into the future to discover how the Chamber members will die, so they might avoid those circumstances and cheat death.
The Chamber has discovered the secrets of time travel and made a pact that they would use their discovery not for the betterment of humankind, but to protect and preserve their own lives. Michael and Doug however discover something else; time travel grants a person immortality. One does not age – you just need to stay alive.
Initially, a Chamber member Daniel Cooper, goes back to 1971 to save his wife from an ill-fated airliner that crashed in the Pacific Northwest. In a bizarre twist, he, DB Cooper ends up saving the plane by hijacking it. The Chamber moves on experimenting altering history using Michael and Doug at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941; followed by the 1963 Kennedy assassination, with a twist that throws new light on the conspiracy theories. Finally, a trip into the future, unfolds in a dark, stormy cemetery when Michael James reads the gravestones of the Chamber members that reveal unexpected results. One had died in 1963 before he was born and another with no death date leaving the possibility of a sequel.
Gravestone, a sci-fi, suspense novel on time-travel, is an adventure with strong characters, fast-paced action and tension, with a touch of romance and humor
I am an alumnus of Central Washington State College where Gravestone takes place.
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About The Author
Author bio image
Creative writing has always been my passion. I am working on a new manuscript,"Time Portal,"the sequel to Gravestone, and a short-story collection of thrillers.

I am a retired marketing exec and an alumni of Central Washington State College where Gravestone takes place.

Gravestone will appeal to readers of Stephen King’s time-travel novel, 11/22/63, and Orson Scott Card’s, Pastwatch.

Kent lives in Washington State and has been married to his wife Karen for over 44 years; they have two successful adult children, Jessica and Ryan.

Gravestone is his first novel.