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Exposed: The Truth About the Apollo Missions

Exposed: The Truth About the Apollo Missions cover image
Exposed: The Truth About the Apollo Missions cover image Exposed: The Truth About the Apollo Missions cover image Exposed: The Truth About the Apollo Missions cover image
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by: Ben Swetmore
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Publication Date: October 24, 2020
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 43
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color

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Book Synopsis
In this great release by Ben Swetmore, we delve into one of the greatest Conspiracy/Cover-Up Mysteries of all time: Were the Moon Landings Faked?! In this photo-book, we will take you through many pages of photos, spanning from Apollo 11 to 17, to prove once-in-for-all, that these Missions, once thought to be one of Mankind's greatest achievements, were actually one of the greatest Government Cover-Ups the world has ever known. If the tough evidence provided within the confounds of this book, cannot convince you, that the Moon Landings were actually filmed on an elaborately-realistic studio set, back here on Earth, then surely nothing ever will. Still need more evidence for the obvious? Try watching some videos online and looking for other extensive-documentation that has been conducted by others, that prove without a doubt that their is now way, the Apollo Missions were actually filmed on the surface of the Moon. No matter what you wish to believe, it is up for you to decide what you think the truth really is, however their is far more evidence out-their suggesting that the Moon Landings were faked, as opposed to actually being real. All you have to do, is search for the truth with an open mind, and you will known 100% for certain, what really went down during the original six missions to the "Moon". Get ready to find the truth, and look through the book that NASA doesn't want you to see!

"Just a month before, Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had left their colleague, Michael Collins, aboard spaceship Columbia and walked on the moon...The old carpenter asked me if I really believed it happened. I said sure, I saw it on television. He disagreed; he said that he didn't believe it for a minute, that 'them television fellers' could make things look real that weren't. Back then, I thought he was a crank. During my eight years in Washington, I saw some things on TV that made me wonder if he wasn't ahead of his time." - U.S. President Bill Clinton.

"I Perpetrated a huge fraud, which I am now about to detail... Involving the United States Government and NASA... and I'm sure you've heard the rumors, that the moon landing was fake. The Moon Landings all were fake, and I was the person who filmed it." - Stanley Kubrick, famous American Film-Director.

"We were shut down, prior to ever setting foot on the Moon. Quite frankly we haven't gone anywhere near."
- Pete Conrad, Apollo 12 Astronaut.
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