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Echoes of Ebola

Echoes of Ebola cover image
Echoes of Ebola cover image Echoes of Ebola cover image Echoes of Ebola cover image
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by: Sarah Yuen
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Publication Date: August 31, 2016
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 110
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781682737781

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Book Synopsis
Echoes of Ebola is a contemporary play set in an African country in the present day, as a killer virus is ravaging the population and threatening a worldwide pandemic.
Two virologists, Aisha Laboru and Aidan Jones, and two veteran aid workers, Kofi Bello and Joy Cartwright, are based in one small town. The scientists are working on a vaccine for the virus. But when freelance journalist Ned Jacobs arrives in town, asking questions nobody wants to answer, all their motives are challenged and then laid bare.
At the same time African landowner Zuri N'bongo, who has a secret of his own, provides the missing piece to expose a sinister depopulation agenda with far reaching consequences; not only for the country and the continent, but for all mankind. This play was first performed off-Broadway at the Playwrights' Horizons Theatre in New York in June 2016.
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