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Dong Diaries the flaccid copy

Dong Diaries the flaccid copy cover image
Dong Diaries the flaccid copy cover image Dong Diaries the flaccid copy cover image Dong Diaries the flaccid copy cover image
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by: Terra Harlowe
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Publication Date: April 11, 2022
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 58
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Color
ISBN: 9780578289571

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Book Synopsis
“I felt a few slight taps at the tip of my rod.”
“…grabbed my meat and slammed it on the counter…”
“I could feel his organs shuffle inside of him…”

Does any of that sound like a line from an erotic story? Well, it wasn’t supposed to be that way!
Have you ever told a story to someone, and they added a seductive connotation to it?
Anything can put someone’s mind “in the gutter.”
This book is filled up with stories that sound downright raunchy, but they really are vanilla and clean.

“A saint that sounds like a sinner.”

Every story has its own picture to play dirty with also, so if the stories don’t shock your system, the picture will definitely do it. One way or another,
you’re going to dip your toes into worlds undiscovered with this one.
A comedy, for those with a great sense of humor, and love it. This book is also a prank. It’s a book that causes the best reactions to anyone who sees it, and you never know how people will react to it. Laugh a lot, and make others feel weird because it is entertaining to you!

It looks like a little girl’s diary at first glance. However, anyone who sees it will want to know what it is. So, I leave it in a public place and wait.
Well, curiosity killed the cat, right?
It is NOT what it looks like, so have fun deceiving people and dropping jaws!
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