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Come To Me - Part One

Come To Me - Part One cover image
Come To Me - Part One cover image Come To Me - Part One cover image Come To Me - Part One cover image
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by: Delilah Anders
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Publication Date: May 20, 2020
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 511
Binding: Perfect Bound

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Book Synopsis

Callie Drake always felt she had a pretty good life- a loving, if flawed husband of seventeen years, four wonderful children, a comfortable existence nestled in suburban America…he was supposed to be just an uncomplicated “friend with benefits”, a way to explore and expand her and her husband’s already fantastic sex life. Little did she and her husband, Brad, expect their foray into erotic pleasure to expose the cracks in their relationship.

For Deegan Anderson, responding to Brad and Callie’s ad was an impulsive decision made against all normal judgement; a way to break out of his usually conservative shell and perhaps shake off the remnants of his own failed relationships in pursuit of commitment-free fun and pleasure. But hopes of a mindless fling quickly die as soon as he touches and kisses Callie. One touch and he knows that he must have her in ways never intended..

Brad Drake was all for giving the woman he loves the fantasy of a lifetime. After all, a secure relationship can face anything right? However, as they proceed, the threesome unwittingly exposes the ways in which he’d been failing as a husband, things he and Callie had long ignored, using their spicy sex life as a smoke screen. As another man threatens to fill certain needs in Callie, Brad finds himself at a crossroads.

In the messy affairs of the heart, in the midst of erotic adventures that Brad, Callie and Deegan had never thought possible, can these three people, in love and in lust find their way to an ending as satisfying for their hearts as for their bodies?
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