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BULLYING STOPS TODAY -The Best Ever Bullying Book For Ages 12-18

BULLYING STOPS TODAY -The Best Ever Bullying Book For Ages 12-18 cover image
BULLYING STOPS TODAY -The Best Ever Bullying Book For Ages 12-18 cover image BULLYING STOPS TODAY -The Best Ever Bullying Book For Ages 12-18 cover image BULLYING STOPS TODAY -The Best Ever Bullying Book For Ages 12-18 cover image
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by: Anne Graham Striff
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Publication Date: May 2, 2019
Book Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Pages: 78
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781645502227

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Book Synopsis
This awesome book is the absolute best resource on the market about dealing with BULLIES for ages 12-18. It provides literally hundreds of excellent suggestions, hints, tips, words of wisdom and advice on what to do before, during, and after being bullied while at school and later at home. It tells kids what to think, say, and do depending on the situation and their personality, advises teens how to prepare at home before going to school, what to do at night, how to build up confidence, whom to tell, where and when to get help, and great resources to provide immediate and long-term assistance. This desperately needed book will help kids learn how their own behavior affects bullies, gives great advice on how to ignore cruel remarks, offers suggestions on how to make more friends in fellow students with similar interests to help ward off bullies, and tells teens how to find hobbies and have fun when not being bullied. It also tells how other kids/adults can help victims of bullying.
Customer Comments
Posted: May 2, 2019
Customer comment 0 star rating
This is an outstanding book - the best book I ever read about dealing with BULLIES. I bought this wonderful book for my son, who was being bullied terribly at school every day. He would come home in tears, threatening to quit school, run away, and even kill himself. We tried to get help from the teachers and principal, but they said they can't be everywhere and protect every student every minute. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I send my child to school and expect him to be safe. I think it's the job of the teachers and principal to keep kids safe. But my boy was shoved, kicked, spit on, beaten on, knocked down, and picked on every day by dozens of kids. He'd come home with bruises, bloody and ripped clothes, torn up bookbag, and was so scared that he said he couldn't go back there again. We tried contacting so many different people that we thought would help, but they didn't. My son and I were desperate. As a last resort we bought this book...….Thank God for this amazing author who truly understands what kids go thru at school with bullying. Ms Striff gave us hundreds of amazing suggestions, tips, strategies to try, lots of different scenarios, and hints on how to handle every situation. The best part was her thoughtful words for kids on what to do at home, when they weren't being bullied. It told my son how to concentrate on how wonderful he is, ignore those idiot loser bullies, find new kids with similar interests for my son to have fun with, gave specific things to say and do and think. It made my son think and realize he wasn't doing anything wrong and didn't deserve to be bullied by anyone for any reason. This book suggested having fun at home, doing exciting hobbies and activities, spending more time with family and friends instead of staying alone in his room, said to say mantras and create a vision board, listen to good music and watch fun movies, make more friends, stay active, and be proud of who he is. The only reason kids pick on him is because he always dresses nice, does his homework and gets good grades, and never gets into trouble. I just can't say enough great things about this amazing book, which should be in every classroom and library at school and in every city. I promise this will be the best book you've ever read about bullying, and it will definitely help both boys and girls, rich or poor, any religion, all races, and sexual orientation, cultures, and personalities. Buy this book for yourself if you are a teenager, your kids if you are a parent or teacher, your neighbors kids, etc. It saved my son's life. Thank you, thank you. G. Evans, Raleigh, NC
About The Author
Anne Graham Striff was a school teacher for more than 20 years and saw way too much bullying going on that wasn't being stopped by most teachers or the principal. That is why she wrote this amazing book to help kids deal with being bullied. Ms.Striff attended E Tennessee St Univ. with a double major in Education and Child Psychology, in order to help children and teens academically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. She currently lives in Tennessee with 2 sweet dogs and 1 ornery cat, and spends most of her time writing nonfiction children's books on a wide variety of subjects: Stopping School Stress, Avoiding Aggression, Finding Friendships, Overcoming Obstacles, Animal Adaptations, Grammar Guru, Spelling Star, Helpful Homework Hints, Life Cycles, etc. She also loves spending time with her 4 grandchildren, doing crochet and needlepoint, and writing poetry.
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