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A Wild Hunt: Wilderness as a Metaphor for Life

A Wild Hunt: Wilderness as a Metaphor for Life cover image
A Wild Hunt: Wilderness as a Metaphor for Life cover image A Wild Hunt: Wilderness as a Metaphor for Life cover image A Wild Hunt: Wilderness as a Metaphor for Life cover image
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by: Tony Arnold
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Publication Date: September 28, 2021
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 385
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
At any random point along life's trail, there are 359 wrong directions to choose from. This literary oracle provides 360 inspirational literary quotations which may be literally applied by outdoors enthusiasts, or metaphorically employed by anyone who's lost their way in life's journey. This is a comforting compass for anyone who mistakenly believes themselves lost and alone, and the antipodal companion to "A Wilderness of Forking Paths." Large print edition for the elderly and/or inebriated. Volume 27 of the Whisanant Mythos.
Customer Comments
Posted: October 4, 2021
Customer comment 5 star rating
"Jumped around to much for me with all the information couldn’t retain much ok cheap for a reason would and did give 5 star if normal Akheim's Razor indeed" -- The Cheese Dilettante
Posted: July 9, 2022
Customer comment 5 star rating
Khazarian movie moguls are wagging the dog, with an old shoe, to deflect attention away from the box-office bombs in the Ukraine, because the movie “Return of Khazaria” isn’t selling tickets, and is being canceled because of empty theaters. Movie-goers are voting with feet, by vacating theater seats, because gender swap is dead meat, according to grassroots drumbeat. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The debris field of used space metaphor is expanding, which of course will require additional expenditures on space and lunar reconnaissance and methods to counter the potential threat. It is also easier to sabotage a competitor’s lunar foothold if bombardments can be disguised as unintentional trajectories or consequence of evasive maneuvers. How do we know it was a rocket? It was a CCP missile mishap landing of construction supplies for Chinese restaurants up there. Apparently, they’ve staked claim to the entire thing. All the way from the double crash site to the mystery rocket to creating a storyline for the mushroom Earthlings to describing NASA scientists as “baffled.” An oxymoron to be sure (jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, or customer service/in the algorithmic 20th-Worst Century]. The only certainty, what I term “Mooning Earth News,” is that when it comes to the press a double cross is given. This book has more holes than a moon made of Swiss cheese.
About The Author
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Tony Arnold is the cryptonym under which internationally recognized science/travel writer and Tiki Misanthropologist Dr. Crabbe Rangoon publishes his creative fiction. Serving on renowned explorer Horst von Hesselbrut's last expedition, his subsequent endeavors included procurement journeys into Asia, the South Pacific and The Dark Continent. Distinguished as the Praetor Imprimitor of the Ordinis Orientalium Nasi Templum, he serves as the Intergalactic Attache for the Temple of Scientonomy. He is formally attached to the Ruling Council of The Spear of the Just and is Chancellor of the Ministry of Truth. He holds the Regent Chair of the Knights of the Eightfold Clover, and is an internet influencer. He's also a member of the Friends of the Library. Dr. Rangoon resides in a stilt home above the waters near Candor-on-Asperger, where he writes and edits for the White Devil Press, frequents Chinese restaurants, and collects Oceanic artifacts, tobacco pipes, and exotic books.
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