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A PATH OF ANGELS cover image
A PATH OF ANGELS cover image A PATH OF ANGELS cover image A PATH OF ANGELS cover image
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by: Keya Coppage
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Publication Date: July 25, 2020
Book Size: 5.83" x 8.26"
Pages: 397
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781648584008

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Book Synopsis
A Spiritual and Scientific search supports a belief in angelic activity around the world. Many people do not believe in angels, yet this book brings an irresistible-convincing belief in them. It is an angelic discovery that unfolds in 13 chapters. It discusses the most realistic angelic moments of my own life. It details the biblical origin of angel activity appearing through many facets of our lives that also includes our dreams with interpretation. Angels can show up in ours dreams to caution or comfort us. Released secrets on prophetic testimony are told in here and all confirmations are of real live events never before told. Some of this reading powers emotional health as it gives freely to the reader the keys to emotional intelligence. This journey of discovery is also entertaining, yet it realistically sustains specific whole and holistic accounts of Gods care over everyone within the world. This novel is of favor and is written with factual- faith testimonials and some scriptur
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About The Author
This book Is a dedication on the matters of : Life, Love, Liberty and Longevity. Author Keya Coppage was born in Memphis Tennessee. Has a century of helping and healing in the field of health and science. A decade of humanitarian efforts through social connecting. Naturally gifted in teaching and prophecy. Talented in words of wisdom that bring a light to any path she is placed.
Studied Business at Belhaven College. Founder of Kat-Kliches Pop Art Poetry writing service. A self publishing author, freelance writer and poet. The author of three short story- poetry style books: Titled: Bread Boy, I know Why the Birds Fly and The Scat Cat book! Now "A Path Of Angels" is a first written-faith based novel, produced to raise awareness about the potential of angel presence in peoples paths. Her talks in this text are a discovery to the heavens and humanities here on earth.
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