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A DOOR TO ... ?

A DOOR TO ... ? cover image
A DOOR TO ... ? cover image A DOOR TO ... ? cover image A DOOR TO ... ? cover image
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by: James Huber
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Publication Date: October 18, 2018
Book Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 72
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White

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Book Synopsis
Jack Thompson is an expert well driller. He has drilled oil, gas, water and steam. He has worked in the Alaskan fields and he has worked in the North Sea. The years started weighing heavy on him so he came back to the lower Midwest where his only inconvenience was a tornado now and then. His boss, Charley, was an easy going boss but demanded work from his men. He appointed Jack his ramrod and Jack had his hand in every drilling site.
Jack had seen it all, or so he thought. He had a diamond drill bit spin off just a couple hundred feet down. Jack sent Charley to the University to see Charley's niece, the geologist. She said nothing, on earth could damage a diamond bit. This sent ideas to Charley. What if it wasn't of this earth?
In the mean time, the true owners of the site were making their way across the solar system to observe the warning they had received from their machines.
All Charley, Nancy, and Jack knew was that the dome creation was not made by any people that they knew.
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About The Author
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James Huber is the author of a number of books from SCI FI to Crime and punishment. His book, CHRISTOPHER, was a winner in and international contest in the Southern Fiction genre.
His book, OBJECTIVE FREEDOM, was novel of the year for 2013. James is a retired teacher and now spends his time, in his sunroom, writing.
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