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80AD - The Yu Dragon (Level 5)

80AD - The Yu Dragon (Level 5) cover image
80AD - The Yu Dragon (Level 5) cover image
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by: Aiki Flinthart
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Publication Date: March 23, 2013
Book Size: 5" x 8"
Pages: 243
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781620304389

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Book Synopsis
This is it. The final Level of the Game.
China in 80AD is the stage for the final showdown between Phoenix and Jade and their arch-enemy, Feng Zhudai.
Things don't start off so well. Jade is a prisoner, separated by vast distances from her companions; in the hands of Feng Zhudai himself. Phoenix and the others have to find her before they can even think of freeing her. What have they got to work with? How can they fight Feng Zhudai's incredible magical powers on his own home ground? How can they fulfill their quest to master the Yu Dragon, when they don't even know where to find it or what it looks like - or how to go about mastering a dragon?
To top it all off, they must stop Feng Zhudai from taking control of the Han Empire and the world. If he wins this round, it's all over. Everything and everyone they know and love will be destroyed - in both worlds.
With the fate of this world and their own in the balance, Phoenix and Jade have insurmountable odds stacked against them.
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About The Author
Aiki lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and son. She very much enjoyed researching and writing the 80AD series for her son and has loved the feedback from thousands of others around the world who enjoyed the series, too. What's next? Who knows.