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80AD - The Jewel of Asgard

80AD - The Jewel of Asgard cover image
80AD - The Jewel of Asgard cover image
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by: Aiki Flinthart
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Publication Date: March 2, 2013
Book Size: 5" x 8"
Pages: 226
Binding: Perfect Bound
Color: Black and White
ISBN: 9781620304143

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Book Synopsis
Take a very ordinary, very unhappy 14 year old boy, Phoenix. He's bored by school, hates his step-father, feels like he has no control over his life. Add a smart, miserable 14 year old girl, Jade. She's teased and picked on; a misfit; her own mother doesn't get her. Throw both these kids into a computer game - 80AD - AND into their avatar's bodies. Phoenix and Jade aren't 14 year old kids any longer. They're 17 year old warriors, confused and trapped in an ancient world of warfare, magic and death. They're stuck in 80AD Britain To Phoenix, it's fun - a gamer's dream come true. To Jade, it's a nightmare.
In order to get home, they have to play out Level One of 80AD. They have to find the Jewel of Asgard. To do that, they must face murderous thieves, creatures of the Dywyllwch Brennau, uncanny powers of the Druids and the might of the invading Rome. If they don't win, they're stuck there. But is that so bad?
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About The Author
Aiki lives in Brisbane, Australia. She runs businesses, studies martial arts, music and art. She wrote the 80AD series after realising her young son enjoyed fast-paced action/sci-fi but most of the books on the market were either too long or too young in their writing to hold his interest. It took five years and a lot of research but he loved the 80AD series and hopefully you will too.